Project W Theatre Festival brought together hundreds of New Yorkers to celebrate women in theater

Project W Theatre Festival 2018

Thank you all for joining us!

We hope you were as inspired and energized by these outstanding plays as we were. To continue the conversation we would like to create an online platform for everyone involved in Project W, and continue sharing writers' and producers' on-going progress promoting and producing their work. Feel free to contact us if you're interested joining a Facebook group where we could continue brainstorming and supporting each other, and if you would like us to feature your work on our Facebook Page.

Project W Theatre Festival

PROJECT W Theatre Festival is an annual celebration of women in theatre from both the creative and business aspects. This multi-day play reading festival features new plays, written, directed, produced and managed exclusively by professional women in theatre. With over 125 submissions from female playwrights around the world, the selection committee has chosen six scripts to be presented as part of the Project W Theatre Festival.

We are so excited about the amount of amazing submissions we received. This year’s selections explore a variety of topics, but it’s pretty clear what’s on everyone’s minds: sexism, racism, assault, growing up, growing old, and Trump. These 6 stories are an unpredictable perspective, a way in, through fresh and vital voices. They are funny and moving, but most of all: important. They deserve to be heard and it’s a true privilege to present them. We are thrilled to be bringing together a team of dazzling talent, on stage and off, for this year’s Project W Festival.
— Jolie Curtsinger, InProximity Theatre Company
Project W Theatre Festival 2018 - Program

Photo Flash: Closing Night

Jolie Curtsinger